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The Strategy

All About Teamwork

  • Assessment

    • We take the time to learn your student, household, and cultural practices. This helps us create a plan that will last long after Little Engine Educational Consulting steps away from the partnership

    • The assessment analyzes the student's academic needs while seeking to understand any underlying emotional or character development needs as well

  • Partnership

    • After the initial assessment period, Little Engine Educational Consulting will form a preliminary plan to guide the student's success

    • We will review this plan with you, the guardian, so you may offer input and have a firm grasp of what we see as the student's needs

    • The partnership process is an important step to getting results quickly, and ensuring their longevity

  • Implementation

    • Next, the plan is put into action. Depending on the commitment of the guardians, Little Engine Educational Consulting usually sees desired outcomes within two weeks of implementation

    • At that point, we will discuss an exit strategy and offer tools for the student's guardians to maintain the newfound success

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